Studio Newborns

Every new baby fills a place in our hearts we didn't know was empty.  Their tiny little fingers and toes, those newborn features, and sleepy eyes.  They are only this sleepy and this small for a fleeting moment.  Studio newborn photos are best done between 7-14 days after birth.  Getting showered, dressed, diaper bag packed and out of the house so soon after delivery may seem like an impossible ask.  But, it is worth it.  The studio has a comfortable seating area for parents, coffee machine, beverages and snacks, and will be toasty warm for baby's comfort.  Parents return to the studio at 6 months old, or a year old and look at those baby beds and bucket props and say "I can't believe he/she fit in there when they were born." Book your studio newborn session so you can always remember how little they are now.